Sadly, Sensei Odo passed away March 24th, 2002.

An experience that I will never forget. Everything about our last day together is still very clear in my mind. Our class and the things he taught us. Our dinner at the Dragon, one of his favorite restaurants, and how happy and funny he was being. Then came the phone call followed by the disbelief that we had just lost our teacher. Then came his funeral and the expression on Yoshiko's face. The sadness and anxiety I felt knowing that I would not see him again. I thought of all the unanswered questions I had and wondered how would I ever be able to understand it all. Who would I turn to now that my teacher was gone. Then I wondered, "Is this how Sensei felt when Sensei Nakamura passed away." And yet Sensei did not quit and neither will I. It's hard for me, as I'm sure it is for all his students, to walk into the dojo and be reminded of that which we have lost but just as we depended on Sensei, our students depend on us. It's our turn to carry on the tradition.

Above are the last students to train with Sensei Odo before he passed.

Pictured here at the Agena Dojo are (L>R) Butch Spain, Michael Bell, David & Tim Richardson.