Our dojo(doh-joh) may not be a"state of the art" facility but it's a comfortable learning environment. We have three licensed instructors as well as several senior level students to help with all of the instruction.

We not only teach the physical aspects of this traditional fighting art, but we also challenge the mind by discussing it's origins and the ones who shaped the art into what it is today. Discussions on history, Okinawan culture, the Masters, and even a little Japanese language will be part of every class.

We are located at:

17 Spring St., in downtown Newnan, GA., across from the Bank of America.

Our phone number is (770) 251-6388

Our class schedule is as follows;

KIDS CLASS (Tues. & Thurs. 5:00PM - 6:00PM)

This class is designed for kids in the 6-12 year old ranges. Children attending this class will learn and focus on the basic concepts and techniques of karate, such as punching, kicking, blocking, balance and coordination, self-defense and body movement. Numerous exercises test the physical capabilities of the students, as well as the mental. Basic concepts are put to use in a prearranged exercise called kata. Resembling a dance, students are required to learn a kata for each promotion and be able to understand each technique's basic application. Emphasis is put on learning the Japanese vocabulary and kumite (fighting).

ADULT CLASS (Tues. & Thurs. 6:00PM - 7:30PM)

Geared for adults and discussing adult situations, the adult class will consist of calisthenics and routines for flexibility, basic karate techniques, self-defense, and much more practice in kata. Working more in the area of actual application, the adults will team up with partners and work their basic techniques with one another. Kumite at this level becomes more vigorous. More emphasis is put on kata, kobudo, kumite, vocabulary, and history. At this level, testing becomes more difficult with written tests, as well as physical ones.

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